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Shrooms Near Me - Magic Mushroom Delivery in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and more.

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Mushy Delivery Magic Mushroom Delivery Los angeles Orange County

Where do I find a Magic Mushrooms Dispensary Near Me? You can look to Mushy Delivery as your magic mushroom delivery and mushroom dispensary in California. We are your psilocybin magic mushroom dispensary selling PolkaDot chocolate bars, gummies, capsules and more! We offer delivery to Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside.

Welcome to Mushy Delivery

Magic Mushroom Delivery

Mushy Delivery is here to provide you with quality psilocybin products you can trust. There are many other out there like dope girls la but you can count us for magic mushroom delivery in Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside County. Mushy brings you the best Shroom Chocolate Bars and Mushroom Gummies. We also We also carry Shroomology Psilocybin Mushroom Capsules, Penis Envy, Makilla Gorilla, Tidal Wave dried shroom strains and more!

Verified Customer Reviews

Bella - Tustin, CA

So glad they’re doing delivery and offering a products they stand behind. Way better than getting my shrooms from my friend’s friend

Sydney Anaheim, CA

Oh, Makilla! The amazing mind blowing Gorilla. ORDER THESE NOW!!! If you're new to this fine strain, no joke, pace yourself. Just a little to start. Don't do what I did! I took 10.5 grams to the face and genuinely thought I was dying at the end. I did over a dozen somersaults and had the most beautiful orgasm. It's a really weird combination, I know. It lasted for about 4-6 hours then I climaxed, sat up and "SNAP!!!" My trip was over, sober as a judge Makilla Gorilla is worth the terrifying killer gymnastics that left me completely covered in bruises. I'm 39. Which I'm told is too old for somersaults. Buy these now for the most unforgettable trip of your life!!!

Amelia - Irvine, CA

Great product, great pricing! Will be ordering again ASAP. My delivery driver was hot

Charlie - WeHo, CA

Delivery took about and hour. Guess it’s not bad considering I’m getting shrooms delivered to me. Gummies and Capsules definitely hit!

Amarynth - Baldwin Park, CA

I can't believe they actually delivered shrooms. What a time to be alive! hahaa! They respond fast and are super on the ball!

Jason - San Pedro, CA

Amazing service and strength

Tupac - Riverside, CA

Good delivery service, always available when needed. Awesome shrooms!! Delivery drivers are nice too. Thanks mushy. 🙂

Ana - La Quinta

They came all the way to the desert to drop off mushies .. there is nothing better than a good service. And this is a good service. Thank you.

Steve - Canoga Park

At first I didn’t believe it until I had seen it. Wow, was I thrilled? They bring me the best quality I ever seen. Anyone reading this wondering if you should make the move, do it. You will be well pleased.!!!!!! I like to buy myself a nice treat now and then, and mushydelivery is the go to spot. And It will be yours too after you discover how awesome these guys are…

Jay - Los Angeles

My driver was super nice! He was fast and communicative. This is the real deal!

Michael Salazar - Los Angeles

Smooth transaction. They delivered as promised and kept me informed every step of the way. Great service!

Sour Gummies

Best tasting gummies with perfect dosing

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Magic Mushrooms

smaller, thin shrooms with great potency

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Makilla Gorilla

Psilocybe Cubensis (Melmac Penis Envy X Albino Penis Envy)

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Penis Envy Shrooms

The holy grail of psilocybin edible shrooms

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Pure craft blend of:
70% Penis Envy, 15% Tidal Wave, 15% Makilla Gorilla

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Shrooms Near Me

Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Delivery Delivery Near Me in LA and OC

Polkadot Chocolate Bars

Magic mushroom chocolate bars

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Don't Worry,Get Psilly

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