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The Myths and Realities of Smoking Magic Mushrooms

The use of magic mushrooms has a long and storied history. This is not a new area for humans to explore, as cultures have been using shrooms for centuries in various ways to enhance their experience of life. Those who are just starting to get interested in psilocybin mushrooms may be wondering about how they are consumed once acquired. Specifically, can you smoke magic mushrooms that you get from “shroom dispensaries near me” like Mushy Delivery? That’s a question we’ll get into below. 

A Basic Introduction

As with most things, a better understanding of magic mushrooms is going to come through an education on how they work and why they have a psychedelic effect in humans. The compound psilocybin is naturally occurring in these mushrooms, and it is a psychedelic. After the psilocybin is consumed by humans, the body converts it into psilocin. That psilocin then interacts with the serotonin receptors in our brains, and alters our perception of consciousness as a result. 

The Problem with Smoking

Now that you have that background knowledge in place, it’s easy to see why smoking magic mushrooms isn’t going to be effective. When the mushrooms are heated up, the psilocybin breaks down, and the psychedelic effect is destroyed. So, if you were to attempt to smoke magic mushrooms as a form of consumption, you would quickly find that the result is not what you had hoped for and the impact on your mental state would not be the same. This is why we suggest you store your precious goods in a cool place, like the fridge and always away from direct heat. Reputable shroom dispensaries near you take caution to ensure the freshest product gets into your hands.

It Can Be Dangerous

In addition to degrading the psilocybin and ruining the potential effect of the magic mushrooms, there are other issues with using smoking for consumption. For one thing, all forms of smoking can be harmful to the respiratory system, as it can irritate the lungs and lead to breathing problems and potentially long-term health issues. 

Smoking mushrooms may also release harmful toxins into the air which could be dangerous. And, if you accidentally smoke the wrong type of mushrooms, what you release into the air – and inhale into your lungs – could lead to extremely serious consequences. With so many other known options available for the consumption of magic mushrooms, like ingesting tasty shroom magic gummies, there is no reason to experiment with smoking. 

Other Methods of Consumption

If you shouldn’t smoke magic mushrooms, what should you do with them? There are plenty of options, starting with simply eating raw or dried mushrooms. If you don’t like the taste or don’t enjoy that experience, you could also choose to brew them into a tea or add them to other food (like with magic chocolate bars). Mushrooms that contain psilocybin should have their desired effect when consumed orally in any of these manners. 

Responsible Use Is Critical

As magic mushrooms and other psychedelics become legalized in more and more places, it’s important for the general public to understand how to use them safely. Traditional consumption methods for magic mushrooms like oral ingestion or microdosing tend to reduce health risks while offering the benefits that you may desire from a psychedelic experience. If you have any questions, working with experienced professionals in this space that you meet at a mushroom store near me is the best way to make sure you get it right.

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