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“TIDAL WAVE” Whole Shrooms

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Tidal Wave Dry Shrooms

1/8oz (3.5 grams)

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Shroomology “TIDAL WAVE” Whole Shrooms – 1/8 (3.5 Grams)

Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms, a novel Psilocybe Cubensis strain developed in 2020 by mycologist Doma and the infamous Magic Myco Team. This innovative strain, a cross between the popular B+ and Penis Envy varieties are renowned for their remarkable array of captivating effects. Owing to their exceptional genetics, these potent mushrooms promise a profound experience for both novices and seasoned psychonauts. Approach these mighty fungi with caution and prepare for a transformative journey.

Tidal Wave currently holds the belt for the strongest strain of Psilocybe cubensis ever recorded & is the Psilocybin Cup Winner 2021 For Highest Potency.

The effects of the Tidal Wave strain are similar to Penis Envy, causing heavy visual hallucinations with intense euphoria during the initial stage while maintaining a sense of mental clarity.
Tidal Wave is known to produce feel-good sensations in the body, so many users find Tidal Wave mushrooms helpful in combatting depression and other mood disorders. This is why it’s also a popular strain in microdosing formulas for general mood elevation.

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1 review for “TIDAL WAVE” Whole Shrooms

  1. Don (verified owner)

    Potent. Highly Recommended

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