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Shroomology Psilocybin Magic Mushroom CAPSULES 2.5g (0.25g x 10)

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The cleanest and purest capsules on the market!! You get a blend of the best strains for a well rounded experience. Capsules are super convenient as well! Take them on the go in your pocket or purse. You get 10 Vegetable capsules per package for a total of 2.5g. Shroomology capsules are craft blends of the following strains: PENIS ENVY & MAKILLA GORILLA & TIDAL WAVE VEGAN NO FILLERS, NO SUGAR ADDED, ONLY DRIED SHROOMS INSIDE & VEGETABLE CAPSULE! KETO FRIENDLY 0.25g per capsule x 10 = 2.5 grams total per package

Shroomology Capsules are 100% plant-based & Keto friendly. Made from pure magic mushroom blend of Penis Envy, Makilla Gorilla & Tidal wave.
Ground into a super-fine powder before being processed in a clean room while wearing gloves and masks to ensure high quality standards. Perfectly measured for micro dosing or more if you wish to take multiple capsules to Enlighten your day!

10 capsules per package for a total of 2.5g total.
Each capsule has .25g of pure goodness.

**Once you place an order we will dispatch a driver to you. It’s cash on delivery, if you need change please let the driver know when they reach out with their ETA. Feel free to TIP our drivers if you are happy with their service.**

Where can I find Shrooms Near Me? You’ve come to the right place. You can look to Mushy Delivery as your magic mushroom store that delivers if you live in or near the Southern California area. Psilocybin magic shroom shops in California have all sorts of chocolate bars, gummies, capsules and more! We offer delivery to Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and more!

1 review for Shroomology Psilocybin Magic Mushroom CAPSULES 2.5g (0.25g x 10)

  1. phrediltj (verified owner)

    Amazing! This is my 3rd time buying. I’ve tried two other companies, and this is my favorite.

    • Mushy Delivery

      So happy for clients like you!
      Thank you!

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