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A Complete Guide to Drying Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms

If you are interested in the world of magic mushrooms and the many possibilities they contain, you might want to get to know more about the process that makes the magic possible. One critical step within that process is the drying of the mushroom from its fresh state into something more stable and long-lasting. To maintain the potency of the psilocybin and make sure you can use the mushrooms safely in the future, knowing how to properly dry them out is a core skill. Of course, you could also avoid the DIY process and simply opt for shroom delivery in Los Angeles instead. 

When drying psilocybin mushrooms, the primary motivation is to keep them safe to use and avoid problems with mold growth. In their natural, fresh state, mushrooms have an extremely high water content, meaning they are likely to grow mold or develop other growths that would make them unsafe to use. Through drying, that water can be removed, and so too will the threat of mold growth while the mushrooms are stored. Also, drying is going to allow the psilocybin to remain in the mushroom, which is the compound that makes magic mushrooms so magical. 

Picking the Right Specimens

You can’t get great results from just drying a mushroom in any condition that you find it in. One of the keys to getting the outcome you desire is picking good mushrooms at just the right time. They should have caps that are fully developed and the veils should be open. Along with these signs, just look for mushrooms that seem healthy overall – if a mushroom is starting to decay already, or is damaged in some way, it’s probably not a good candidate to be dried.  

Two Effective Techniques

Okay – so you now have some mushrooms that are ready to be dried. What’s next? You’ll need to pick between two techniques – air drying and using a dehydrator.

First, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in using the air dry method. 

  • Clean the mushrooms that you have decided to use for this project
  • Find a space where you can spread the mushrooms out to dry that is going to offer good circulation
  • Using a wire rack, spread the mushrooms out in an even layer, and make sure they aren’t touching each other
  • Given them one or two weeks in this position to dry
  • When they are totally dry and will snap with light pressure, move them to an airtight container for storage

Air drying is simple, but it does take a while. Looking for faster results? Consider purchasing a dehydrator and following these steps. 

  • Again, you are going to start by cleaning the mushrooms
  • Next, you’ll need to slice them into thin, even pieces 
  • Get the trays from the dehydrator and lay the mushroom pieces out evenly across the trays
  • Use a low-temperature setting on the dehydrator, probably around the 100*F mark
  • Allow the dehydrator to run for between four and eight hours to fully dry out the mushrooms. They are done when they are as dry as a cracker
  • Find an airtight storage container and put them away for later use

A Few Other Tips

There are a couple of other important points we should make before wrapping up this post. First, don’t try to use other heat sources in your home – like the oven – to dry mushrooms. Those environments will be too hot and the psilocybin will degrade as a result. Also, be sure to label your mushrooms so you know when they were dried, and always wash your hands regularly in the process to avoid contamination. 

The safety of your experience with psilocybin mushrooms, and the preservation of the psilocybin dose, relies on good drying. As you can see from the information provided in this post, there are a couple of effective techniques to use for drying, so you can think about which of the two will be more useful for your needs. And, once dried, always be sure to store the mushrooms in a clean, controlled environment until they are used. If you’d like to get your magic mushrooms all ready to use from a reliable source instead, turn to a trusted mushroom dispensary in Los Angeles like Mushy Delivery right away. 

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