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Mushroom Decriminalization Movement in San Francisco

While many people are interested in the potential experience of using magic mushrooms to improve their experience as a human, some are concerned about the legality of doing so. After all, most people don’t want to break the law and put themselves in jeopardy, so they might stay on the sidelines even if they are very excited about the possibilities that psilocybin mushrooms represent. 

On this matter, however, there is increasingly a wave of good news to enjoy. Specifically, more and more places around the country are legalizing the use of mushrooms, or at least, taking steps to decriminalize them. This article by Vice News takes a good look at a recent change in San Francisco to decriminalize the use of not only shrooms, but also other psychedelics like peyote and ayahuasca. 

While decriminalization is not the same thing as legalization, it’s a big step and it paves the way for similar moves in many different places from coast to coast. Large, liberal cities tend to be the first places to take these kinds of actions, which is why magic mushroom delivery in Los Angeles is now available from providers like Mushy Delivery. It will be interesting to watch the movement in the years to come to see just how the laws adapt to the will of the people. 

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