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Legal Update: A New Bill in New York

Those who are passionate about the use of natural hallucinogens like psilocybin and others have been waiting a long time for the legalization that they feel is appropriate. Finally, the walls are starting to come down in the laws of various cities around the country, and more good news is seen in a bill that has been proposed in New York. 

If you would like to dive into some of the details, you can review the article on Psychedelic Spotlight that discusses the status of the bill and what it would change, if passed. It’s worth noting that this is a bill to legalize, not just decriminalize, the use of these natural hallucinogens, which is a big step and follows along with progress that has been made in places like Oregon and Colorado. 

While we aren’t looking at a future where magic mushrooms are legal from coast to coast anytime soon, the march is clearly on and it seems likely that the tide will only continue to shift in the favor of shrooms and other psychedelics. For the people who have been fighting for a long time to make these changes, the reward of their efforts is a great one, and there are countless individuals who deserve a lot of credit for where we are today. 

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